Dallas: The Complete Final Season

Debuting on television in 1978, Dallas ran until 1991 and was a soap opera that revolved around a wealthy Texas family and its oil and cattle ranching companies. It started as a miniseries then was so popular that it returned for 13 more seasons. Dallas was a show that was watched all over the world. It went on to win Emmys and Golden Globe Awards.

The most successful primetime soap in television history went out with a bang after fourteen seasons. It is a season filled with the elements we have come to expect from the series like murder, kidnapping, schemes, blackmail, seductions, and lies. Ewing brothers J.R. (played by Larry Hagman) and Bobby (played by Patrick Duffy) are still fighting for control of the family oil business. It all ends with a cliffhanger. Did you expect anything different?

Episode 1: April in Paris: J.R. tries to figure a way out of the insane asylum.

Episode 2: Charade: Sheila (played by Susan Lucci) has kidnapped April (played by Sheree J. Wilson) and forces Bobby to act like her husband.

Episode 3: One Last Kiss: Cally (played by Cathy Podewell) visits J.R. at the insane asylum and offers him a way out.

Episode 4: Terminus: J.R. begins his plans for revenge against James (played by Sasha Mitchell), Sly (played by Deborah Rennard) and Melinda.

Episode 5: Tunnel of Love: After April's funeral Bobby begins the search for Sheila.

Episode 6: Heart and Soul: Michelle (played by Michelle Foster) blames Bobby for April's death.

Episode 7: The Fabulous Ewing Boys: J.R. and Clayton (played by Howard Keel) have a violent confrontation.

Episode 8: The Odessa File: Cliff (played by Ken Kercheval) helps Bobby and Michelle in the search for Sheila and comes up with some decent leads.

Episode 9: Sail On: His drinking and a murder put a damper on Cliff's political aspirations.

Episode 10: Lock, Stock and Jock: J.R. is angry when he found out that James is the father of Cally's baby.

Episode 11: "S" is for Seduction: Lee Ann (played by Barbara Eden) and Michelle try to break up J.R. and Vanessa Beaumont (played by Gayle Hunnicutt)

Episode 12: Designing Women: Bobby has dreams about April.

Episode 13: 90265: Michelle removes J.R. from Ewing Oil and her and James move into Southfork.

Episode 14: Smooth Operator: J.R. plots revenge against Lee Ann and wants to take Liz's (played by Barbara Stock) company from her.

Episode 15: Win Some, Lose Some: Michelle discovers it is not exactly a bed of roses being married to James.

Episode 16: Fathers and Sons and Fathers and Sons: The Ewing boys go on a cattle drive.

Episode 17: When the Wind Blows: Carter (played by George Kennedy) gets revenge on Cliff.

Episode 18: Those Darned Ewings: Jori Taylor (played by Deirdre Imershein) is looking for Bobby.

Episode 19: Farewell, My Lovely: Michelle and Cliff plot to get Debra Lynn (played by Deborah Tucker) leave town.

Episode 20: Some Leave, Some Get Carried Out: James has to make the choice between Michelle and Debra Lynn.

Episode 21: The Decline and Fall of the Ewing Empire: A dejected J.R. is forced to become partners with Cliff at Ewing Oil.

Episode 22: Conundrum, Part 1: J.R. is on the verge of suicide when he receives a visit from Adam (played by Joel Grey) that changes his mind.

Episode 23: Conundrum, Part 2: Bobby gets near J.R.'s room when he hears a gunshot.

Episode 24: J.R. Returns: It is five years later and J.R. returns to claim what he feels is his.

Episode 25: War of the Ewings: Bobby is in the shower and turns to say "good morning" to Pam (played by Victoria Principal).

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