Family Guy: Partial Terms of Endearment

Anytime a DVD has “Banned from TV” right across the front of it that has to peak your interest.  Well, it did mine!  Especially considering the source.  I mean, the stuff that Family Guy gets away with on television is pretty bad, so if this episode was banned it must be horrible.  And by horrible I mean great fun to watch.

An episode that deals with what happens after Lois (voiced by Alex Borstein), contrary to Peter’s (voiced by Seth McFarlane) wishes, agrees to become a surrogate mother for a couple who cannot have a baby.

It is not language or sex that kept this one off the air it was the fact that it is the Family Guy abortion episode.  Abortion apparently is still a controversial enough subject (in the U.S., at least) for any television program wanting to cover it to be shut down.  The abortion issue is clouded a little bit when the couple that Lois is going to have the baby for dies in a car accident and Lois has to decide whether she wants to keep the baby.

The episode shocked me for two reasons:  one, was that it showed both sides of the issue and two, was that it wasn’t that funny.  Maybe that is the real reason that McFarlane did not fight harder to have the episode air on television.

What makes this DVD worthy of a purchase are the special features.  The live “table read” by the people who do the voices for Family Guy is quite good and the Seth + Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show is a hoot!

Special Features: Animatic For Partial Terms of Endearment, Family Guy: Live and Uncensored Table Read, Family Guy Presents: Seth + Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show, 9 Downloadable Original Family Guy Songs

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