Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes

Sweden’s latest musical sensation Lykke Li is once again reminding the world that Sweden seems to be a breeding ground for pop music.  Abba, A-Ha and Robyn are just a few and Lykke Li seems ready to join the list.

On the eleven songs on the album she is fearless.  Veering into many a musical arena.  She is part Marianne Faithful, part Nancy Sinatra, but all pop.  The album sounds sometimes like one a 60s girl group would have released then moves on to power ballad territory.  Always keeping you guessing and never dull.  What else can you say about an album that contains lyrics like “I’m your prostitute, your gonna get some.”  Everything on the album from her vocals to the drums and on to the guitars is big.  Doo wop, bouncy and bold.  Attention grabbing and easy to dance to.  Fun stuff!

Thematically the album is about the usual subject of love, but it looks at it from a different perspective.  It is more about loss and what happens after love.  Seemingly straightforward though if you really listen to them they could have multiple meanings.

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