Mannix: The Fourth Season

This popular detective television series featured Golden Globe winner Mike Connors as Joe Mannix, a detective who knew the ways of the streets.  Southern Californian criminals best stay out of his way.  Plenty of action and different storylines than you would expect from this type of show.

Episode 1: A Ticket to the Eclipse: The police are not taking seriously a Korean War vet and friend of Mannix who is looking for revenge and has already killed two men.

Episode 2: One for the Lady: Mannix has been framed and as such his private detective license has been suspended.

Episode 3: Time Out of Mind: Mannix has to track down an ex-boxing champ who is found standing over the body of a dead gambler before the dead man’s gang does.

Episode 4: Figures in a Landscape: Mannix is being harassed with crank phone calls, death threats and a stalker with a rifle.

Episode 5: The Mouse That Died: While working on a missing person case Mannix uncovers a spy ring.

Episode 6: The Lost Art of Dying: The prisoners at a jail hold a guard hostage while demanding that Mannix investigate the case of a man accused of murder who is scheduled to executed in 72 hours.

Episode 7: The Other Game in Town: Mannix believes it is a case of insurance fraud when a supposedly dead man reappears after his funeral.

Episode 8: The World Between: Joe’s secretary Peggy (played by Gail Fisher) is in the hospital recovering from a work related injury when she falls for an African premier who is the target for an assassination plot.

Episode 9: Sunburst: Mannix tries to uncover the identities of those who held him captive in a café in the desert.

Episode 10: To Cage a Seagull: While investigating a helicopter crash Mannix discovers the body of a member of the Nazi party.

Episode 11: Bang, Bang, You’re Dead: Mannix begins to believe what he thought were simply the tall tales of a young girl after she is almost the victim of a hit-and-run.

Episode 12: Déjà vu: A young psychic predicts that Mannix is going to die soon.

Episode 13: Duet for Three: A woman’s husband commits suicide in Hong Kong and afterwards she is followed around by a Vietnamese man.

Episode 14: Round Trip to Nowhere: Mannix is hired by a woman to uncover who killed her husband.

Episode 15: What Happened to Sunday?: Mannix awakens and discovers that he is injured but cannot remember anything about the previous 24 hours.

Episode 16: The Judas Touch: A police chief asks for Mannix’s help in locating one of his officers.

Episode 17: With Intent to Kill: A private detective is investigating a robbery when an attempt is made on his life causing his wife to worry that he will be killed.

Episode 18: The Crime That Wasn’t” The syndicate has put out a hit on Mannix and a missing body becomes an important element.

Episode 19: A Gathering of Ghosts: The reunion for Mannix’s college football team takes place in a ghost town.

Episode 20: A Day Filled With Shadows: A murder and a kidnapping are linked and Mannix is racing against some bad guys to find the basketball playing son of a millionaire.

Episode 21: Voice in the Dark: A disabled former diving champion has been getting death threats but needs Mannix’s help to prove she isn’t lying.

Episode 22: The Color of Murder: Mannix is working on the case of a man who was murdered just before testifying against a crime boss.

Episode 23: Shadow Play: Mannix takes on the case of the wife of a mob financier who was the victim of a hit-and-run and the suspect is her husband.

Episode 24: Overkill: A case becomes confusing when Mannix discovers that his number one suspect wasn’t responsible for the murder of his friend.

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