Top 10 Decor Trends for 2011

When it comes to our homes everyone wants to be stylish and trendy without spending all your money accomplishing this.  Redecorating can either be a joy or a nightmare.  If you want some help in making it the former then read this list.

1) Colour: And I mean lots of it.  Even in places you wouldn’t have thought should be colourful.  Wood  furniture and large upholstery pieces are just some of the places you can splash colour.  “Pretty” colours like honeysuckle and pink are the way to go.

2) Sophisticated Femininity: Even for men.  Soften the lines of your décor, add florals and curves, uses muted pinks and purples.  This trend is inspired by women’s fashion.

3) Pattern: Not just for accents anymore. Go for it on ceilings, walls, sofas, and just about anywhere else. Patterns create depth, a sense of luxuriousness and warmth. Added bonus points if you create layers by putting a pattern on a pattern.  Popular ones include florals, botanicals, birds, mosaics, and chevrons.

4) Casual Chic: Comfortable and casual can also be exotic, global, sleek, and elegant.  Think high-end, but usable.  It is stylish but still something you can kick back on.

5) Belgian Influence: This style features rustic touches, natural woods, organic fabrics, and rough stone. Cozy and comfortable. Use neutral colours to attain this look.  Furniture is over-sized and architectural.

6) Luxury: Remember everything is relative.  That being said, when you do buy something this year make it something fabulous.  Whether it is big or small it should make that statement.  Everything about it like the colour, line, texture, finish, and craftsmanship should be special.

7) Black: Black is back. You can use a little black in every room to help anchor the space and lend some presence.  It can take centre stage by being used in kitchen cabinets, furniture and even on walls.  Black on walls provides a great backdrop.

8) Warm Metals: Gold radiates luxury.  Bronze is casual.  Use them on door handles, light fixtures and picture frames.  You can even go so far as to paint your furniture these colours, have fabrics with gold or bronze woven into them and in the wallpaper.

9) The 70s: Do the 70s only updated and elegant. Use milk chocolate brown, Hermes orange, warm wood tones, and soft curves.

10) The Layered Looks: Sparse or bare is out.  Add some accessories that are colourful, have patterns or textures.  This look is all about the details.

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