Falling Blind – Comets

Seattle was the epicenter for grunge rock in the 90s.  When grunge faded away then so did Seattle musically.  Hopefully Falling Blind is not an indication of where the future of Seattle is going musically.  They all are technically sound musicians but there really is no soul to it.  Polished sounding, but nothing in it that will separate them from other bands.

Formed in 2006 they are a melodic rock band whose sound varies from acoustic pseudo ballads to melodic up tempo numbers.  While listening to the album you will think, “Hey, I’ve heard this band before.”  And while you might not have actually heard Falling Blind before you actually have.  I will explain.  It is because they sound exactly like if Incubus and Hoobastank had a one night stand and their one night together (because I don’t really think it would last) produced a baby musical band.  Bottom line is that Falling Blind sounds like a mixture of those two bands.

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