Avril Lavigne – Goodbye Lullaby

Canada skateboarding pop punk princess has taken off her Converse high tops and put on her Cinderella glittery pumps.  Now, you might think that I’ve lost my marbles based on the first single from “Goodbye Lullaby” entitled “What the Hell” because that song can be filed under more of the same from Avril.  But really it is a wild child, too cool for school island that stands on its own on the album.  For the most part the album is all about romance and shows us a softer side of Miss Lavigne.  The underlying message in most of these introspective tunes (due to divorce?) is that Avril has a heart and is not just interested in tormenting boys.  It is still an album filled with pop songs that will play well on the radio, but there are a surprising amount of power ballads here.  One of the strongest songs on the album is “Stop Standing There” where it is Avril’s turn to be the one begging for the other’s walls to come down.

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