Britney Spears – Femme Fatale

As much as I want to dismiss this bubble gum pop princess I find myself not able to.  She has me and millions under her spell.  Femme Fatale??  I think not, more like Sorceress.  Britney has the uncanny ability to bring herself back from the dead time and time again.  She forces herself into our consciousness and makes music fans sit up and take notice of her.

Britney does not have a great voice, is not the best dancer and records what are basically ridiculous songs.  And yet this is a formula that works for her.  The girl has that “It” factor.  It is her ability to record left of center bubble gum pop that has enabled her to create a niche that is all her own.  The first single “Hold It Against Me” features dubstep rhythms. “What?”, you say.  Has everyone gone mad?! Yet, the song is a huge hit.

The whole thing is just strange.  Lyrically the songs are your usual fare – filled with sex and angst.  Besides dubstep there is techno, Eurodisco and huge melodies.  A mess of sounds and styles and yet somehow it works. The girl does not stay in a comfort zone and just put out albums that all sound the same.  Willing to try just about anything, we have to give her some props for her sense of adventure.  Also in a backhanded type acknowledgement of Britney’s lack of vocal fortitude her voice is robotized and tinkered with on almost every track.

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