Morning Glory

Like her character, who is trying to revive a stale television morning show, Rachel McAdams (The Notebook, Mean Girls) pulls out all the stops trying to breath life into this dead film, but even her talent and likeability factor cannot save the film.

Becky (Rachel McAdams) is working as the producer at Good Morning New Jersey.  She is 28-years-old  and her dream job is producing The Today Show.  As a workaholic Becky pours all of herself into her job.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, she is fired.  This is totally unexpected, so Becky does not really have a plan B.

After sending out her CV and many follow up phone calls, she finally gets an interview at a morning show on IBS in New York.  IBS is constantly in fourth place with Daybreak.  Station manager Jerry Barnes (Jeff Goldblum – The Fly, Jurassic Park) is not too hopeful about Becky or the morning show, but he gives her the job anyway.  Becky is now the new executive producer at Daybreak.

On her first day she fires co-host Paul McVee (Ty Burrell – from television’s Modern Family) and immediately starts looking for another co-host to work with Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton – Annie Hall, The Godfather: Part II).  She finds out that Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford – Raiders of the Lost Ark, Blade Runner) is under contract with IBS and not working.  She pitches him the idea and this “real” newsman is not thrilled with idea then decides to take the job.

Becky has met Adam (Patrick Wilson – Little Children, Phantom of the Opera), a producer on a nighttime show in IBS.  Despite her constant working and lack of social skills he sees something in her and they become romantically involved.

Right off the bat, Mike and Colleen don’t get along.  Actually, Mike does not get along with anyone.  He is being less than gracious about doing the show, which he sees as fluff and not a news show.

Jerry tells Becky that the ratings have gone even further down and that the show will be cancelled in six weeks.  Instead of giving up, Becky decides to get the ratings up and save the show.  She is going to change things up.  No way she is going to down without a fight.

Romantic comedies of this sort (light and inoffensive) are a favourite of Hollywood with one or more being released almost every week.  Most of the time, despite the fact that many of them like this one feature a star-laden cast, the films are totally forgettable.  It never seems to discourage studios as they keep churning them out.

Despite the fact that this was a film that was supposed to make you laugh and feel inspired by the never-say-die attitude of the spunky lead character, I ended with a totally indifferent attitude.

On the bright side even if you don’t like it you will still be able to watch it.  “Morning Glory” is harmless and easy film to watch.  There is no crude scenes or language in the film, so nothing to be offended by.

The game of the film is not picked up until the last third when it is already too late for you to invest yourself in it.  We are already totally convinced that this is nothing more than a corny little movie.  No anger towards the film just apathy.

Special Features:
-Deleted Scene
-Previews of The Romantics, Rango, The Fighter, Waiting for Superman

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