Nick Lowe – Labour of Lust

Brit Nick Lowe recorded this album back in 1979.  It was his one man campaign to make punk music commercial.  He had produced albums by Elvis Costello and The Pretenders previously and built a stellar reputation that way.  This was his attempt to bring punk rock to the masses.

“Cruel to Be Kind”, the hit, was what I remembered about the album.  It was what the public loved and made popular from the album.  It is poppier than the rest of the album, which is quite rocky.  But there are plenty of other great parts and tracks on the album.  The lyrics are funny, the hooks are a plenty and catchy, guitars are unrelentless, and the melodies snappy.  The sound became synonymous with New Wave.

Somehow this album, his second solo release, was not as critically acclaimed as his first.  Here’s to hoping that this generation of music appreciators really listens to the album with a fresh pair of ears and gives it the respect that it deserves.

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