The Romantics

In the beginning I was encouraged.  There seemed to be a nice little romantic comedy happening.  But then things changed quickly.  And for the worse.  It becomes completely self-indulgent with all the young characters whining about what to do with their lives.  The script is completely to blame.

Lila (Anna Pacquin – from television’s True Blood) and Tom (Josh Duhamel – Ramona and Beezus, Transformers) are about to get married so their friends and family gather at a beach house to prepare for the upcoming nuptials.  Lila has asked her friend Laura to be her maid of honor.  Usually this is a touching request, but not in this case.

Things don’t exactly go well and the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife.  Most of the aforementioned tension is due to the fact that Tom and Laura (Katie Holmes – Batman Begins, Pieces of April) used to date.  Laura, wanting to be the good little soldier, agrees to be Lila’s maid of honor.  The rest of the group of friends just stand by and wait for the fireworks.

An overt effort with the look of the film is made to be indie and cool, but it just comes off as trying a little too hard and artificial.  It is a case of heavy on the style and light on the content unfortunately.  Just to make it look really intellectual there are long periods where the characters just wander around silently moping about.  Oh, the drama!

We can only blame director and screenwriter Galt Niederhoffer (first feature film) for this mess.  None of the characters, maybe other than Laura, is allotted any back story.  We have no idea why any of the characters behave the way they do and so no connection is made.  She has created this dreary and self absorbed film that is populated by people who talk like no human I have encountered.

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