Hannah Montana Forever: Final Season

An entire generation of young girls grew up with Miley Cyrus as their role model in her role on the Disney show Hannah Montana.  For four seasons girls hung on her every word, song, hair style, and fashion choice.  For good or for bad this show is going down as very influential in the annals of pop culture.

For years Miley Stewart (played by Miley Cyrus) has hidden from the public that she is pop superstar Hannah Montana.  In this season push comes to show and she has to reveal to the world that they two girls are one in the same.  It is Miley and Lilly’s (played by Hayley Osment) senior year and Miley’s life is about to undergo major changes.

Episode 1: Sweet Home Hannah Montana: Miley, Jackson (played by Jason Earles) and their father, Robbie (played by Billy Ray Cyrus) move into their new house in Malibu.

Episode 2: Hannah Montana to the Principal’s Office: Her senior year at school is in jeopardy as Robbie forgot to register Miley for class and the principal (played by Ray Liotta) is not budging.

Episode 3: California Screamin’: Miley is worried that her father is spending too much time at home and not getting out to meet women, so she does her best to find him a girlfriend.

Episode 4: Do-Do-Do-Do, Da-Don’t-Don’t-Don’t Tell My Secret!: Jackson threatens to spill Miley’s secret when Siena (played by Tammin Sursok) believes that he is dating Hannah Montana.

Episode 5: The End of the Jake as We Know It: Lilly is anxious about seeing Oliver (played by Mitchel Musso) again and Miley is taping her Christmas special with Sheryl Crow.

Episode 6: Been Here All Along: Miley disappoints her Dad when she keeps cancelling on him to spend time with Jesse (played by Drew Roy).

Episode 7: Love That Lets Go: Lilly makes a deal with Miley that if she climbs the rope at school that she will go riding with her.

Episode 8: Hannah’s Gonna Get This: Miley is suffering through writer’s block while trying to come up with the last song for the latest Hannah Montana album.

Episode 9: I’ll Always Remember You: Miley is really having a hard time telling Jesse that she is Hannah Montana.

Episode 10: Can You See the Real Me?: After receiving bad publicity, Jesse breaks up with Miley and her bad time continues when she finds out that she hasn’t been accepted to Standford and Lilly has.

Episode 11: Kiss It All Goodbye: Miley does not want to perform anymore after receiving negative publicity after revealing her secret.

Episode 12: I am Mamaw, Hear Me Roar!: It is graduation day for Miley and Lilly and the fact that Miley’s celebrity does not allow her to spend much alone time with her grandmother (played by Vicki Lawrence) is a problem.

Episode 13: Wherever I Go: Miley and Lilly are getting ready to leave for Standford when Miley gets a movie offer she doesn’t think she can turn down.

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