West is West

After a successful run at the box office with “East Is East” back in 1999, the dysfunctional Khan clan returns to the big screen in “West Is West” for some more laughs amidst culture clashes and the trials and tribulations of family life.

Sajid (Aqib Khan), the youngest member of the Khan family goes to school in Manchester, England and is constantly bullied about being Pakistani. His father George (Om Puri) is determined to make Sajid conform to his traditions. He decides to take his son to Pakistan for a few weeks to stay with his 1st wife that he abandoned many years ago. George’s other son Tariq (Jimi Mistry) is already there being forced to meet girls in order to find a good wife to take back to England. Both brothers are just trying to bide their time until they can return back to England. The tensions continue to escalate when George’s second wife Ella (Linda Bassett) shows up and winds up face to face with wife number one. George’s plan winds up backfiring and he must figure out a way to sort all this out.

West Is West is a good effort. The culture clash and family issues are for the most part, pertinent and some laughs along the way. A lot of swearing though and since this is a British film, a lot of the laughs stem from a mainly Brit sense of humor and such so keep that in mind.

Om Puri is one of the most versatile Indian actors. He has given some stellar performances in numerous films. While his performance was good in this film, his acting skills were underutilized as he is capable of much more emotion in his acting. Aquib Khan did well as one of the main leads and was convincing in his performance of teen angst. Basheera Khan (Ila Arun), also a fantastic actress, is capable of much more than she showed on screen. Overall, the cast was good and the film had its moments.

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