Isabella Rossellini: My Wild Life @ FIFA

Produced by the Sundance Channel, this almost hour long documentary follows actress/director/model/author Isabella Rossellini through her very interesting life.  This is a woman who has packed a lot of living into her 58 years.  In the film she is frank and quite frankly delightful.

She grew up as a child of very famous parents (Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman) who had to deal with the paparazzi following them everywhere.  This was normal for her.  She knew nothing else.  Her entire life has enfolded before our eyes.  Isabella has never really enjoyed a private life.

It seems like she is quite comfortable with that.  In the film she is wiling to discuss anything and everything.  Her two marriages (director Martin Scorsese and model Jonathan Wiedemann), her relationships (director David Lynch), working on an Italian television program with Roberto Benigni, and her humiliation of being fired as the face of Lancome for being too old while she was merely in her 40s.

Besides her “private” life she also discusses her professional one.  Lately she has turned to directing.  For the Sundance Channel she directed two series entitled “Green Porno” and “Seduce Me”.  For which she dressed like fish and insects to demonstrate how they seduce and then reproduce.

Mixing private with public, Rossellini discusses her father Roberto, who she was involved in the making of a tribute film directed by Guy Madden entitled “My Dad is 100 Years Old”.  She tells of how he was more an influential director rather than a popular one.  It is obvious by the way she speaks how much she adored and loved her father.

In the film we travel from Rome to New York to Paris and back again.  Through the course of the documentary we begin to see Isabella as a passionate woman who stands up for what she believes in.  Strong enough in her convictions to argue for abortion in Catholic Italy.  Brave enough to discuss how she was raped.  Has the compassion to defend threatened animals.

A woman talented enough in her own right to be able to step out of the large shadow of her iconic parents to make her own name in the world and strong enough to survive the ups and downs of her career with grace and dignity.

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