Dora the Explorer: Explore the Earth

Travel across the globe with Dora and Boots.  Many adventures to be had and tremendous fun along the way.  French track now included.

Episode 1: Mixed-Up Seasons: Dora and Boots love to go to the beach in the summer but their friend the Snowman doesn’t. It is up to Dora and Boots to fix the mixed up seasons.

Episode 2: To the South Pole: Dora, Boot and Diego fly on a plane, ride on a boat, drive a snowmobile, and talk to plenty of animals. All this to bring a lost penguin back to his family in the South Pole.

Episode 3: Save Diego: The tables are turned when the animals find themselves having to rescue Diego rather than the other way around. Dora, Boots and some animals from the rainforest set out to rescue Diego.

Episode 4: Beaches: In order to find Boot’s floatie that he needs to swim Dora and Boots have to walk over crab covered sand dunes and get across a broken boardwalk.

Special Features: Moose and Zee “Explore the Seashore”, Moose and Zee “In My Neighborhood”

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