Tron: Legacy – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Most who have seen Tron: Legacy, a sequel to the original Tron film, are of two minds about it.  It looks great, but lacks the heart and soul (i.e. the script) of the first.  If we are to be frank no matter what you might have fooled yourself into believing the main reason to see a film like this is the way it looks.  You are going for the eye candy whether special effects or seeing Olivia Wilde in black tights.

Just the right amount of depth is added to the film via the script.  We don’t want something so complex that your average viewer cannot follow it and so emotional that it will just cause us to watch it while continuously rolling our eyes.  It was a decent script and certainly better than many special effects laden films of this type.

Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges – The Fabulous Baker Boys, The Big Lebowski), a computer game designer, promises his young son Sam that one day he will accompany him to see Tron, the character in one of his games. He is all over the news as he is brilliant at what he does and then just disappears one day.  People point to his erratic behavior and believe Kevin has just run away.  His company Encom is in turmoil.  Young Sam goes to live with his grandparents.

We flash forward many years now and Sam (Garrett Hedlund – Country Strong, Troy) is a young man.  Encom has gone on and has bounced back to be strong once again.  Not happy with the way his father’s company is being run, Sam breaks in to Encom and sabotages its latest system.

Kevin’s old partner Alan (Bruce Boxleitner – Tron, Gods and Generals), the only one who thinks Kevin is still alive and didn’t run away, tells Sam he received a page (yes, he carries a pager!) from Kevin’s office at the arcade.  Doubtful, but still curious, Sam visits the old abandoned arcade.  The Tron game is still there.

After some investigation he finds a hidden passageway behind the game and then his father’s secret office.  Sam plays with the computer there and suddenly finds himself inside the world of Tron.

After finding his father is alive and well and has been living in The Grid all this time.  Over the 20 years that have passed The Grid has changed and been taken over by an overlord named Clu (Jeff Bridges).  Sam wants to go home and to accomplish this he and Quorra (Olivia Wilde – from television’s House) must work together to defeat the tyrant.

This is basically a father/son story with all kinds of special effects thrown in for effect. The action sequences are fun, costumes are sexy and the futuristic set is fun to look at.  Your eyes and ears (courtesy of the Daft Punk soundtrack) will be engaged throughout.

My attention was grabbed by the film and it did not let me go throughout.  And that occurred without me having seen the original film.  My expectations were not too high and as a result I was pleasantly surprised.

Special Features:

-First Look at Tron: Uprising, the Disney XD Animated Series

-Visualizing Tron

-Installing the Cast

-Discover Blu-ray 3D with Timon and Pumbaa

-Sneak Peeks of Disney Movie, The Incredibles – Blu-ray Edition, Tron: Evolution – the video game, Cars 2, African Cats

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