3 Idiots

Though it is a comedy Rajkumar Hirani’s film does have its serious moments.  It takes on the education system and exposes some of its flaws.  The education is set up to limit student choice and force them into careers they don’t want. The message is that life is not about grades, but pursuing your dreams.  In the process of showing the viewer this the film also makes you laugh and throws in some Bollywood for good measure.

Farhan (Madhavan) and Raju (Sharman Joshi) are trying to find their friend Rancho (Aamir Kahn).  They flashback to a time when they were all in college together and were acting the fool. The two remember how the free spirited Rancho made them question how they were living their lives and changing what they didn’t like.

While on the journey to try and find Rancho the two are reminded of a bet they had forgotten, discover a wedding they have to crash and go to a funeral that gets a little crazy.

A basic and simple story filled with lessons about what is important in life.  To stop it from getting too heavy though there is plenty of humour running throughout.  You’ll chuckle a ton.

Technically this is a sound film.  The cinematography is a knock out! With interesting camera angles and cool aerial shots.  The editing makes the film flow.  Narration is a good addition and music is note perfect.

The only downsides of the film are that on occasion Hirani allows the film to get away from him.  At times the fromage factor gets to be too much.  The delivery is a perfect example of what I’m speaking of.  These moments are few and far between, so they don’t ruin the picture.

It is the type of film that will make you cry from sadness and because you are laughing hard. Despite the fact that it is three hours long you will enjoy every minute of it.

Special Features:
-Idiots in Ladakh
-Aal Izz Well
-100% Idiots
-Making of Miss Idiot

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