Sade – The Ultimate Collection

Not too long ago Sade came out with a Best Of album, so I thought it was a little weird that she was now releasing a Ultimate collection.  Once I saw the track listing and that there were four new songs on it I began to understand.  This is a more comprehensive collection.  There are 15 more tracks on this album than there were on the Best Of album.  Remastered versions of all the hits and best loved songs.  They all still sound great as Sade produces a kind of music that is timeless and does not follow the trends.  Many of the songs still could be hits today.  Of the four new songs one, “The Moon and the Sky”, features Jay-Z.  She is not an artist who releases tons of albums.  There have only been six over the course of her 25 year career.  So it is even more impressive how many hits she has had.  One after another.  Makes for a fantastic 2 CD Ultimate Collection.

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