Jackass 3 – 3D: Unrated – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

As I sit down to write up this review I still find myself not being able to believe what I saw.  It was incredible.  And I still haven’t decided if it was incredible in a good or bad way.  The end result was that I watched it all, had many different reactions to what was happening onscreen, laughed at the cheesy old-fashioned 3D, and talked about it with people later.  In my books that has to go down as a success in this case.

All the Jackass gang – Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, Irving Zisman, etc. – are back for bigger, badder, funnier, and definitely grosser stunts.  Some examples are Knoxville roller skating with a buffalo herd, Margera trying to make his way down a narrow hallway that is filled with obstacles and high-voltage stun guns, and Steve-O gets blasted into space in a loaded porta-potty.  That last one has to be one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen.  Any description of it would not do it justice.  I found it hard to believe that none of these guys got seriously hurt doing any of the stunts.  I was hurting just watching them!

Never having been a fan of the Jackass show or films I think it carries more weight when I tell you that I rather enjoyed myself while watching this one.  Just turn your brain off and enjoy or at least be stupefied.  Obviously if you are easily scared or have a weak stomach then this is not the film for you!  Stay far away!  If not, then put on the silly old school red and blue 3D glasses, kick back and enjoy.

Special Features:

-4 Pairs of Classic 3D Glasses

-Theatrical Version

-Director’s Cut

-The Making of Jackass 3D


-Deleted Scenes


-Previews of Paranormal Activity 2, The Fighter, Jackass 3.5

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