Guilty About Girls – The Very Best Of…

Mark Henning and Jordy Birchy are the two guys who form the duo Guilty About Girls.  They began their musical careers in the 90s as part of the band Pure.  After the end of Pure the two stayed together to keep recording music.  You can hear hints of the alternative rock band that they used to be, but their present sound is more about a mix of electronic and pop.

Interestingly the album starts off with a 5 minute musical number.  Dunno about you, but instrumental numbers tend to make me snooze off.  They totally redeem themselves in my books with the second track and the strongest one on the album, Candy Candy.  Polygraph is next and continues the good run of synthesizer heavy music.  Then we go into a heavier electronic sound, which is fine.  It all adds up to a slew of fairly catchy songs.

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