MUTEK 2011 Preview – June 1-5, 2011 @ Various Locations

Twelve years and getting stronger!  MUTEK has become one of the planet’s most important electronic music and digital creativity festivals.  If you have been to MUTEK before I’m sure you will attend again and you know what to expect. To expect the unexpected. One thing you can be sure to expect is a great time.  This is a festival that all attendees experience as a collective; it truly is a group effort and experience.

MUTEK is nonstop great music that will have you under its trance from the first bass beat.  High profile artists from the electronic music world (worldwide) attend and perform.  This year a sampling of the people there is:  Amon Tobin (England), Hype Williams (England), Meek (Canada), Modeselektor (Germany), Plastikman (Canada), and Elektro Guzzi (Austria).  The high quality keeps attracting high quality. Not only do attendees return to this festival, but so do musical acts.  Many have had relationships right through the entire 12 years of the festival.

Always on the forefront of technology, MUTEK has its own iPhone app.  The app will help you access the schedule and know what is going on no matter where you are.  Check it out!

The five days and nights of the festival will be jam packed with shows, workshops, visuals, panels, presentations, outdoor and indoor events, the relationship between sound and vision, and 5a7s.  What more could a music fan want?  Maybe six days???  But let’s not push our luck.

Additional Information:


-Ticket Purchase: or (514) 790-1111

-Ticket Prices:  Festival Passport:  $200

Weekend Pass:  $110

Weekend Pass Lite:  $70

A/VISIONS Pass:  $60

Metropolis Pass:  $100

Day 1 Pass:  $45

Day 2 or 3 Pass:  $50

A/Visions:  $25

Piknic 1 or 2:  $10

Nocturne 1 or 2:  $30

Nocturne 3:  $45

Nocturne 4:  $35

Nocturne 5:  $25

Para Nocturne:  $20 (All prices are plus taxes and service charges)

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