IMAX: Hubble – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

In May of 2009 the Space Shuttle Atlantis had a mission to go into space and make repairs on the Hubble Space Telescope.  They not only repaired things, but also upgraded some of the equipment to make it better than ever. The Hubble Space Telescope was the first optical telescope operational in space. These upgrades have meant that we have a clearer picture than ever before of what is out there in space.

Five IMAX cameras were used to shoot the different spacewalks that it took to make the repairs and upgrades. The coolest footage, in my opinion, is that of the mechanical arm of the Atlantis attempting to grasp the orbiting shuttle.  The thing does not just sit there in space; it is in constant movement.  The problems they encountered at this phase are gripping.

This more modern footage is combined with the footage that the Hubble Space Telescope has shot over the 20 years it has been orbiting space.  This is amplified with some computer generated images and together they give us a fairly clear picture of what it looks like up there.

Special Features:

– Hubble Mission Logs Webisode Gallery with Astronaut Mike Massimino

– “Inside IMAX’s Hubble 3D” features

-Digital Copy

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