Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

With their seventh studio album the Foo Fighters have gone back to their roots.  They are once again a raw garage band.  Literally.  The album was even recorded in frontman Dave Grohl’s garage.  Eleven tracks that are filled with a crackle and energy that only a rock band that enjoys what they do can produce is to be found.  The masterful producer Butch Vig, who worked with Grohl on Nirvana’s “Nevermind”, brings forth a magical blend of top notch production features and rawness.  This is power rock at its best.  You’ll hear shades of Led Zeppelin, Rush and the Sex Pistols.

The album starts off strong with the first two tracks, “Bridge Burning” and “Rope” (the first single off the album), setting the tone for things to come.  Allowing the listener to undertake a musical voyage that includes catchy tunes, soaring rock, cheesiness, and fantastic.  The final two tracks have a kind of emotional depth never before heard of by the band and they bode well for the future, if this is the direction (mature and nuanced) that the band is going in.

Will probably be looked back upon in later years as a classic rock album from this musical era.  An album that truly is a complete body of work rather than a series of singles strung together.

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