Mondial de la Biere – Beers Tasted

Me and my fellow journalist colleague took our jobs very seriously.  We were dedicated to sampling as many beers as we could while still being able to walk dignified out of Place Bonaventure.  The Mondial de la Biere brought in over 600 beers and while we could not try them all we did do our darndest!  Our attempt to taste, categorize, describe, and rate was done with due diligence and we sampled 11 different beers each.  We tried to try beers from different areas/countries as well as ales, stouts and lagers.  Below are the beers we sampled and the qualities about each that stood out for us.  Benefit from our research!

1)  England’s Gold (Carey)
Brewer:  Hall + Woodhouse – Badger Brewery
Country: England
Alcohol Level: 4.5%
Type:  Pale Mild Ale
Visual: Clear, Golden colour with hints of orange
Aroma:  Cereal, corn
Taste: Light, fruity, sweet,
Finish:  Crisp, dry
Overall: Pleasant with a nice flavour

2)  60 Minutes I.P.A.  (Suzanne)
Brewer:  Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
Country:  United States (Delaware)
Alcohol Level: 6%
Type:  Pale Ale
Visual:  Gold with copper highlight, slightly hazy
Aroma: Pine, citrus, hops
Taste: In the beginning malty, but then moves on to caramel and lemony. Bitter.
Finish:  Dry
Overall: Medium bodied and an easy drink

3)  Acorn Blonde (Carey)
Brewer:  Acorn Brewery
Country: England (Barnsley)
Alcohol Level:  4%
Type:  Blonde Ale
Visual:  golden yellow, thin layer of foam upon pouring
Aroma:  Softly fruity, hop
Taste:  Bitter, moderate carbonation
Finish:  Crisp, clean
Overall:  The youngest beer from this brewery.  Nicely balanced taste.

4)  First Gold (Carey)
Brewer:  Hall + Woodhouse – Badger Brewery
Country:  England
Alcohol Level:  4%
Type:  English Bitter
Visual:  Amber, shades of yellow, clear, large very white foam that clings well to glass, lots of bubbles
Aroma:  Begins with mild sulfur then moves on to toffee
Taste:  Bitter through and through
Finish:  Tobacco, smoky at end
Overall:  Thin body, not my favourite

5)  Lilith (Suzanne)
Brewer:  Birrificio Bruton
Country:  Italy
Alcohol Level:  5.5%
Type:  American Pale Ale
Visual:  Deep amber, medium head
Aroma:  Hops, malt, grapefruit
Taste:  Apple, bitter
Finish:  Dry
Overall:  Quite unusual, but rather enjoyable.  Easy to drink.

6)  Black Oak Nut Brown Ale (Suzanne)
Brewer:  Black Oak Brewing Co.
Country:  Canada (Ontario)
Alcohol Level:  5%
Type:  English Brown Ale
Visual:  Dark, chestnut, large head, highly carbonated
Aroma:  Light, malt, caramel, hops, smoky
Taste:  Smooth, flavourful, big opening of caramel and chocolate and moves on to a slightly hoppy finish
Finish:  Dry, sensation remains on the tongue for quite a while
Overall: Medium bodied. Very easy to drink.  Nothing pretentious about it.

7)  Zingende Blondie (Carey)
Brewery: ‘T Gaverhopke
Country:  Belgium
Alcohol Level:  9.8%
Type:  Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Visual:  Cloudy/yeasty, low carbonation, thin foam, delicate lace on glass, yellow-gold colour
Aroma: Light pilsner, apple
Taste:  Tastes like is smells. Subtle spice with hints of citrus.  Tastes like a sour ale.
Finish:  A bit funky and little bitter
Overall:  Not as dry as it should be and doesn’t warm up well

8)  Demoiselle (Suzanne)
Brewery:  Cervejaria Colorado
Country:  Brazil
Alcohol Level:  6%
Type:  American Porter
Visual:  Quite dark, deep brown to black, thin head but keeps it for a long time
Aroma:  Strong, coffee
Taste:  Subtle flavour, bitter, chocolate and coffee
Finish:  Monotone
Overall:  Due to coffee flavour a great late-night drink

9)  Joseph (Suzanne)
Brewery:  Brasserie de Silenrieux
Country:  Belgium
Alcohol Level:  5.4%
Type:  Belgian Ale
Visual:  Golden colour, not clear, hints of orange, thin white head, medium carbonation
Aroma:  Honey, floral, lemon
Taste:  Honey, sweet, maybe even grass
Finish:  Clean and dry
Overall: A nice beer for a warm summer day

10)  Boris Clear Mohito (Carey)
Brewery:  Brasserie Licorne
Country:  Canada (Quebec)
Alcohol Level:  5.6%
Type:  Malt Based Beverage
Visual:  Clear
Aroma: None really. Just a generic sweetness.
Taste:  Syrupy, sweet, not really like a mojito. Missing the hints of mint that is required in a mojito.
Finish: Flat. No kick.
Overall:  Didn’t really knock my socks off.

11)  Gaverhopke Extra (Suzanne)
Brewery:  T’Gaverhopke
Country:  Belgium
Alcohol Level:  12%
Type:  Belgian Dark Ale
Visual:  A dark mahogany colour with red tints. Moderate carbonation.
Aroma:  Fruity, yeast, spices
Taste:  Like weak coffee with tart fruits
Finish: Light, dry
Overall:  Not what I expected.  Considering its 12% alcohol level it is fairly light and an easy drink.

12)  Irish Stout (Carey)
Brewery:  Hockley Valley Brewing Co.
Country:  Canada (Ontario)
Alcohol Level:  4.2%
Type:  Irish Dry Stout
Visual:  Pours like midnight (says so right on tin), looks great in a glass, tar black, lots of carbonation
Aroma:  Coffee, butterscotch
Taste: Strong, but not overwhelming
Finish:  Smooth and sweet.  Leaves sticky sensation in mouth.
Overall:  Served in a tin.  Not what I expected with the high level of carbonation.  Smoother and thicker.  Very drinkable.

13:  Two Weeks Notice (Suzanne)
Brewery:  Moonlight Brewing Co.
Country:  United States (California)
Alcohol Level:  5.2%
Type:  Scottish Gruit
Visual:  Cloudy/milky, blonde, not much foam
Aroma:  Really gives off aroma as you are pouring it into mouth, spicy, hints of citrus
Taste:  Bitter, but not too much. Creamy.  
Finish: Grain taste finishes it off
Overall:  Not a beer that you’d want more than one of.  Excellent balance.

14)  Piper’s Gold (Carey)
Brewery:  Fyne Ales
Country:  Scotland
Alcohol Level:  3.8%
Type:  Scottish Ale
Visual:  Golden, thin foam, a bit cloudy, golden reflections, only a few small bubbles
Aroma:  Hops, citrus
Taste:  Full flavour.  Like lemon tea.
Finish:  Dry, bitter
Overall:  Excellent beginning, but unfortunately doesn’t last throughout. Pretty run of the mill.

15)  Dolen Kriek (Suzanne)
Brewery:  Kasteelbroullerij de Dool
Country:  Belgium
Alcohol Level:  4.5%
Type:  Fruit Lambic
Visual:  Dark cherry colour, little foam, but a cool pink colour
Aroma:  Cherry
Taste:  Like a cherry soft drink, slightly bitter
Finish:  Metallic aftertaste
Overall:  A beer that young people might like, but not enjoyable to me.

16)  Black Oak Pale Ale (Carey)
Brewery:  Black Oak Brewing Co.
Country:  Canada (Ontario)
Alcohol Level:  5%
Type:  American Pale Ale
Visual:  Coppery orange, very few bubbles, very clear, interesting lace on glass
Aroma:  Bread, sweet, nutty, hops/yeast
Taste:  Like malt, toffee, spicy hops
Finish:  Slightly bitter, dry
Overall:  Easy to drink and tasty

17)  Magnus (Suzanne)
Brewery:  Croce Di Malto
Country:  Italy
Alcohol Level:  7.5%
Type:  Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Visual:  Amber with red reflections, tan foam
Aroma:  Malt, sugar, roasted coffee
Taste:  Most bitter of the day, chocolate and coffee
Finish:  Balanced
Overall: Drinkable and very pleasant taste

18) Bruton Stoner (Suzanne)
Brewery:  Birrificio Bruton
Country:  Italy
Alcohol Level:  7.5%
Type:  Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Visual:  Murky, little foam, amber in colour, lots of carbonation
Aroma:  Lime, fruity, sweet
Taste:  Flat with all flavour coming in aftertaste
Finish: No crispness, bready, bitter
Overall:  Complex, but easy to drink

19)  Aphrodisiaque (Carey)
Brewery:  Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!
Country:  Canada (Quebec)
Alcohol Level:  6.5%
Type:  American Stout
Visual:  Dark black, little foam, low carbonation, little head, and does not leave much lacing on glass. Does not let any light through.
Aroma:  Sweet, vanilla, dark chocolate, does not smell like alcohol
Taste:  Sweet then moves to bitter. Vanilla, smoky, creamy.
Finish: Bitter
Overall:  Medium bodied, great beer, too bad you can’t get it regularly, very enjoyable flavour

20) O-Garden (Suzanne)
Brewery:  Otley Brewing Co.
Country:  Wales
Alcohol Level:  4.8%
Type:  Herbed/Spice Beer
Visual:  Blonde, a few bubbles that disappear quickly, sediment at bottom of glass
Aroma:  Strong aroma, spices, orange, apple
Taste:  Orange, cloves, chilli
Finish:  Dry, lemon, bitter
Overall:  Lighter than I expected, crisp, tastes better than it looks

21)  Liereken Lager (Carey)
Brewery:  Guldenboot
Country:  Belgium
Alcohol Level:  5.2%
Type:  Lager
Visual:  Golden, small bubbles, very carbonated
Aroma:  Hops, herbs
Taste:  Salty, malty and sweet
Finish:  Not a big aftertaste, slightly lemony
Overall:  Organic beer, fresh, very drinkable, quite unique tasting

22)  Authentique (Carey)
Brewery: Sommer
Country:  France (Alsace)
Alcohol Level:  18%
Type:  Eau de Vie
Visual:  Amber, thick, syrupy
Aroma:  Coffee, chocolate, caramel
Taste:  Hints of orange/mandarine, a bit spicy
Finish:  Fresh and alive
Overall:  Very strong, just need 3-4 centimetres of the liquid and mix it with water or even a light beer. Goes really well with pretzels.

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