Neil Young & International Harvesters – A Treasure

Reinventing himself yet again! “A Treasure” features Neil Young as country star.  Recorded live during a tour he did (sans new album out) in the mid 1980s, Young played with some of the best and most respected country musicians going.  There is the late Ben Keith (steel and slide guitar), Rufus Thibodeaux (fiddle), Spooner Oldham (piano), and Tim Drummond (bass) to name just a few.

Seven of the twelve songs you have heard before, but five of them are previously unreleased.  Not everyone, namely his label, was happy at the time with Young’s insistence on exploring and recording country music.  He stuck to his guns and his fans should be happy he did as most of the music is wonderful.

Part of the wonderful is the band, International Harvesters (above mentioned gentlemen), that he played with during this time.  Many were known in country music circles at the time and now they have become legends.

The tracks were recorded on different evenings in different locations from Texas to Minnesota and from California to Ohio.

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