Big Momma’s: Like Father, Like Son

The second sequel to the hit film Big Momma’s House demonstrates that the series has pretty much run its course.  Not sure that there is anything new or interesting that can be done with this character of an FBI agent who dresses as an overweight older woman with a sassy mouth and quick wit.  It was funny the first time, maybe even a little bit so the second, but by the third it has become tired.

Malcolm (Martin Lawrence – Big Momma’s House, Bad Boys) is excited when his stepson Trent (Brandon T. Jackson – Fast & Furious, Tropic Thunder) gets accepted to Duke University. That feeling quickly changes when Trent tells his stepfather that he wants to be a rapper and doesn’t want to go to college yet. Malcolm refuses to sign the rap tour contract for Trent, who is a minor, as he wants him to go to college.

While working at his job as an FBI agent, Malcolm has to fight off Trent, who is trying to get him to sign the contract.  Trent gets in the middle of a bust.  Malcolm saves him, but realizes that bad guy Chirkoff (Tony Curran – Gladiator, Underworld: Evolution) has Trent’s car plates and now must know everything about them.  Chirkoff wants Trent dead as he saw him murder a man.

Not being able to go home, Malcolm and Trent are now have to hide out.  A master of disguise, Malcolm resurrects the disguise of Big Momma and Trent becomes his grandniece, Charmaine.  They are off to the Georgia Girls School of the Arts to try and locate a missing flash drive.

Big Momma gets a job at the school as a house mother.  She is given a hard time right off the bat by a student named Jasmine (Portia Doubleday – Youth in Revolt).  Trent, who is having a difficult time as Charmaine, falls for a fellow music student named Haley (Jessica Lucas – Cloverfield, She’s the Man).  It is getting more and more dangerous for the stepfather-stepson team as Trent’s friends have led Chirkoff right to them.

What started off looking like a promising career has kinda crashed into the rocks.  Martin Lawrence started off with Do the Right Thing, House Party, Bad Boys, and his own television series, Martin.  Things looked bright.  Then came problems with him being found wandering deliriously amidst traffic and then film dogs like College Road Trip and Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins.  This guy needs a box office hit like nobody’s business.

His third Big Momma film is not that hit.  Not even close.  I’m beginning to feel a little sorry for Martin Lawrence.  He does have talent; he just keeps picking dogs to star in.

For a comedy there are precious few laughs to be found here.  I really cannot remember laughing once while watching it.  The only attempts at humour come from the idea of a couple of guys dressing up as women.  Been there done that!  We laughed at that with the first film.  Move on to something new!  No comedic energy or entertainment value.

Special Features:
-Extended Version
-Deleted Scenes
-Gag Reel
-Theatrical Trailer

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