The Swellers – Good For Me

Ten tracks filled with melodic punk music sound like your cup of tea?  Then Good for Me by The Swellers should be at the top of your CDs to purchase list.

Two years after their debut release, The Swellers are back with 10 totally tight sounding songs.  Big hooks and catchy sing-along choruses are everywhere.  Accessibility is the name of the game.  Songs that are totally begging to be played and enjoyed live.  They often sound like Foo Fighters in the making on the album.  While they are not shy about sharing their musical influences (Weezer, Foo Fighters, etc.) they still are different enough that it is not a total rip off.  A band’s whose evolution process over just two albums make you want to be there for the long run.  Strongest tracks on the album are “Best I Ever Had” and “Better Things”.

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