The Glades: The Complete First Season

Another television show focusing on cops? Really?!?  Do we need another one? This one is less drama and more comedy. So I guess that makes it a little different than most.  It also takes place never the Everglades in Florida so there is plenty of nice scenery and places to hide bodies. Still I was feeling a little hesitant about watching it. I have to say that the lead actor (Matt Passmore) and his wisecracking ways won me over.  While you too might be doubtful going in give it a chance and you won’t be sorry.

Episode 1: Pilot: A golf game is interrupted by a decapitated female body being found in a creek.

Episode 2: Bird in the Hand: Jim (played Matt Passmore) and Jeff (played by Uriah Shelton) are out in the woods and find a body in an abandoned plane.

Episode 3: A Perfect Storm: Carlos (played by Carlos Gomez) and Daniel (played by Jordan Wall) have their hands full trying to save people when a hurricane hits the glades.

Episode 4: Mucked Up: A businessman’s body is found and the leading suspect is the star high school football player.

Episode 5: The Girlfriend Experience: Carlos, who is at first believed to be dead, is the victim of identity theft.

Episode 6: Doppelganger: Callie (played by Kiele Sanchez) tells Jim that her patient believes he witnessed his doppelganger commit a murder.

Episode 7: Cassadaga: Jim agrees to bring a friend of Callie’s to a party for Callie’s medical school.

Episode 8: Marriage is Murder: A notorious and cutthroat divorce attourney is found stabbed, poisoned and shot.

Episode 9: Honey: Callie, even though she says she only wants to be friends, is jealous when she sees Jim with a female tribal police officer.

Episode 10: Second Chance: Jim, Carlos and Callie work together on a case involving horse racing.

Episode 11: Booty: Jim is looking into the murder of a treasure hunter who was trying to locate a Spanish ship that he believed contained millions.

Episode 12: Exposed: Jim’s investigation of the death of a young girl puts him up against a powerful political family.

Episode 13: Breaking 80: A man recently released from jail for a crime he might not have committed is found dead on a golf course.

Special Features: Deleted scenes, Gag reel, ‘Sunshine State of Mind: Casting The Glades’,‘A Location for Murder: Filming the Glades’

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