N-Secure – Blu-ray Edition

When it comes to a film like this the less time spent on it the better.  David M. Matthews’ (first feature film – and hopefully last) N-Secure is awful.  Actually, to be more on the money it is worse than awful.  I sat through the wooden acting and silly script thinking whether I would rather watch this film again or have a tooth pulled without freezing.  To be honest it was a toss up.

David Washington (Cordell Moore) is a rich and successful businessman.  To say that he is demanding of others would be the understatement of the year.  The man runs a tight ship in the office and at home.  He wants to be in control of everything.  And God forbid you be 4 minutes late because to him that is disrespectful and inexcusable.

He is this controlling even and especially with his fiance, Robin (Essence Atkins – Deliver Us From Eva).  As his controlling nature becomes more and more smothering and verging on dangerous Robin begins to severely doubt that this is the man she should marry.  She even admits to her best friend Jill (Tempestt Bledsoe – from television’s The Cosby Show) that she doesn’t love him, but does love his money.

Unable to handle it any more, Robin makes a play for Jill’s fiance, Isaac (Lamman Rucker – Why Did I Get Married?, Meet the Browns).  David suspects something went on and calls off wedding.  He does not waste any time grieving as he brings the attractive cousin, Tina (Denise Boutte – from television’s Days of Our Lives), of his secretary on what was supposed to be his honeymoon trip.  Before they go, to right the disrespect he feels has been done to him, he teaches Isaac a harsh lesson.

They begin dating, but his controlling nature is only amped up to unbearable and violent.  Tina tries to leave.  Is not successful.  Tina is trapped and Robin is pregnant.  Oh, what a dastardly web has been woven!

Special Features:
-Inside N-Secure

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