Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D

Director Werner Herzog (Rescue Dawn, Grizzly Man) gained exclusive access to the Chauvet caves in France.  Inside the caves there are some of the oldest cave paintings done by man.  We get a look at them in their natural settings plus learn about the difficulties encountered during the filming.  Herzog gets a host of experts to explain the caves, the art and the time frame they were created in.

The Chauvet (named after the man who discovered them) Caves were discovered in 1994 in France.  Inside there are numerous cave paintings that date from 30,000-23,000 B.C.  Plus there are stalagmite and animal bones all around.  The cave was only recently discovered due to a landslide thousands of years ago that covered the cave’s entrance.

While watching the film you get a sense of privilege seeing things that not many have gotten a chance to.  I spent the time watching it thinking I hope there was just a little bit more to see.  Never really wanted it to end.  Herzog really knows how to make a documentary!

The kicker is that the film is in 3D, so everything pops out at you.  Despite the restrictions the film crew (of two people, I believe) did a good job and the 3D is not that obnoxious give you a headache type.

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