NCIS: The Second Season

In a special division of the U.S. Navy, this team investigates crimes that happen around the world involving U.S. Marine or Navy soldiers no matter what rank.  The team is made up of a navy commander, medical examiner, forensic specialist, a former Secret Service agent, a former Mossad agent, and a former homicide detective.  This season they have to adjust to having a new director, Jenny Shepard (played by Lauren Holly).

Episode 1: See No Evil: NCIS’s latest case involves a kidnapping and a large amount of money.

Episode 2: The Good Wives Club: On an abandoned compound the mummified remains of a woman are found.

Episode 3: Vanished: Marine helicopter pilots go missing and a long term feud in a town seems to be at the root of it.

Episode 4: Lt. Jane Doe: Two sailors discover the body of a woman dressed in a Marine uniform.

Episode 5: The Bone Yard: The NCIS team discovers the location that the mob has been using for years to dump bodies.

Episode 6: Terminal Leave: NCIS is called in to protect a female who is an Iraq veteran when she is threatened by terrorists.

Episode 7: Call of Silence: Ernie Yost (played by Charles Durning), a decorated Marine veteran, shows up at headquarters calmly confessing to a murder.

Episode 8: Heart Break: After a successful surgery a Navy Commander dies.

Episode 9: Forced Entry: Trying to avoid being raped the wife of a Marine’s wife shoots a home invader in self defence.

Episode 10: Chained: Tony’s (played by Michael Weatherly), who has gone undercover, life is in danger, so the team is on the hunt for him.

Episode 11: Black Water: A private investigator finds the body of a missing for two years Naval officer after pulling a car from a lake.

Episode 12: Doppelganger: A telemarketer believes a petty officer she was talking to on the phone was in the process of dying.

Episode 13: The Meat Puzzle: Ducky (played by David McCallum) finds the pieces of three different bodies that had been stuffed in a barrel months ago.

Episode 14: Witness: A woman reports having witnessed the murder of a naval officer in the apartment across from hers.

Episode 15: Caught on Tape: A camera records the falling off a cliff of a naval officer.

Episode 16: Pop Life: The body of a petty officer Manda King (played by Mya) is discovered dead in the bed of a bartender.

Episode 17: An Eye for an Eye: A petty officer working in Intelligence receives a pair of eyeballs in the mail.

Episode 18: Bikini Wax: A petty officer is found dead backstage at a bikini competition.

Episode 19: Conspiracy Theory: The team believes that their latest case is the case of suicide due to a nervous breakdown.

Episode 20: Red Cell: NCIS uncovers a suspect almost immediately of a murder that happens on a school campus.

Episode 21: Hometown Hero: A Navy corpsman, killed while saving others, is now thought differently of when the body of a woman is found in his possessions.

Episode 22: SWAK: Tony opens a letter he believes is his and a puff of powder comes out that could contain a virus.

Episode 23: Twilight: Serial terrorists seek revenge and assign Ari (played by Rudolf Martin) to kill Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon).

Special Features: Investigating Season 2, What’s New In Season 2, Other: The Real N.C.I.S., Other: Lab Tour With Pauley Perrette

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