Oslo October 31st @ Festival du Nouveau Cinema

Trying to overcome drug addiction is in no way an easy thing to deal with. The Norwegian film “Oslo, August 31st” takes an up close and personal look at the life of one particular addict who finds the courage to go through rehab but still has difficulties facing the repercussions that his past actions have caused in his personal life.

Anders (Anders Danielsen Lie) is two weeks shy of completing his drug rehabilitation at a location in the countryside. After a failed suicide attempt, Anders tries to get his life back on track by agreeing to go to a job interview in the city, which the counselor encourages as part of the program. While in the city, he takes full advantage of the opportunity and visits friends that he hasn’t seen in a while. He tries to reconnect with his sister but does not get the response he hoped for. His ex-girlfriend also doesn’t re-connect with him. He then botches up his job interview and begins feeling hopeless again. This leads to some introspection about the consequences of his actions and thus leads to a downward spiral.

This film is an adaptation of Pierre Drieu La Rochelle’s novel “Le Feu Follet.” This film is a slow paced one as you see the lead character wandering around a lot and meeting various people. But it does give the audience a chance to see what someone like Anders is going through. The hopelessness he is feeling while at the same time he is desperately trying to find support from his family and friends. The lead actor was convincing in his role and overall the film got its point across.

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