Final Destination 3D – Blu-ray Edition

When it was originally released in 2009 it was simply called “The Final Destination”.  Does that mean it is the last?  That there will be no more?  Let’s keep our fingers crossed as with each subsequent one they just keep getting more and more painful.

While at a race at McKinley Speedway Nick (Bobby Campo – Legally Blondes) has a premonition of a huge accident happening that even kills audience members.  Frightened by what he has seen in his mind’s eye, Nick warns his girlfriend Lori (Shantel VanSanten – from television’s One Tree Hill) and friends, Hunt (Nick Zano – What I Like About You, Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead) and Janet (Haley Webb – On the Inside) to leave the track.  Some follow the friends out including a redneck (Justin Welborn – Halloween II – 2009), a security guard (Mykelti Williamson – Con Air, Heat), a mother (Krista Allen – Anger Management, Liar, Liar) and her kids, and a mechanic (Andrew Fiscella – Quarantine, Vacancy).   Wildly enough his premonition turns out to be true and everyone who left with Nick ends up alive.

They all think it is over, but when the mother and the racist end up dead in suspicious manners the “survivors” begin to worry.  Nick and Lori, by exploring the Internet, find other such creepy and mysterious deaths have been occurring.   They then decide that they have to lure out The Ripper in order to break the cycle of deaths that have been occurring.  Destiny seems to be against them, though.

I know that horror films depend on the fact that we, the viewers, suspend belief when it comes to the manner in which their victims meet their oftentimes gruesome deaths.  When you watch a horror film you sort of go into it with this mind frame.  Sometimes though they push it too far.  The deaths are so unbelievable in this film that it became rather comical.  And I don’t think that comedy was what they were going for as, sorry to be cruel, I don’t think the minds behind it are that talented or subversive.  You can be creative about death in horror films (it is actually better if you are), but absurd really does nothing for the film.

If that was the only problem with the film then I might have been able to overlook it.  It wasn’t.  The fact that there was really no story was hard to swallow.  There was a basic premise, then a series of over-the-top deaths and then…nothing.  Actually, it was worse than nothing as it was a series of flashbacks of the premonitions.  It gave me a weird kind of déjà-vu as I felt like the film was just a few scenes which I was forced to watch over and over again.  As I previously said, maybe this film series has run its course and should be put down humanely.

Special Features:

-3D and 2D Versions of Film

-Digital Copy

-Body Count: The Deaths of The Final Destination

-Racecar Crash and Mall Explosion

-Deleted Scenes

-Alternate Endings

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