10 Most Glamourous Women

Certain women out there inspire other women on a daily basis.  Over 50,000 women voted on which women they found to be most glamourous.  There are plenty of beautiful women but something about these ten women made them stand out above everyone else. These women make glam fashion choices as well as being beauties inside and out.  They are special and have something you can’t put your finger on. They are stand outs in everyone’s minds.

Here is my list, in no particular order, of the 10 most glamourous women:

kate winslet1)  Kate Winslet: Winslet is viewed as a classy and sophisticated young woman. Even in a beautiful gown she is down-to-Earth sexy. Women seem to be able to see and relate to the real person she is. Has totally turned on its head the mythology of the Hollywood actress by talking very openly about her implant free breasts and her love of food. She takes on complicated roles rather than just playing the girlfriend or love interest. Her openness is married with British reserve in which she reveals almost nothing about her personal life to the media. Everyone’s favourite girl crush.

2) Anne Hathaway: Another Oscar nominated young actress. She is stylish and classy. Top of the A-list. Doesn’t dress all crazy to get attention.  Gets it stylewise. Bounced back from a bad break up to be seen everywhere looking fabulous. Pretty in that timeless Audrey Hepburn kind of way.

3) Penélope Cruz: She always looks beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look bad. Has a softness and curves about her that people find attractive.

4) Charlize Theron: This South African beauty is not only a stunner but is also very forward thinking with her clothes choice. Also respected for her charity work in her home country. Talented and takes risks – a great combination. So beautiful that she is one of those rare women who can look good in gold lamé.

5) Cate Blanchett: She always manages to look like a queen. Fearless in her onscreen roles and in her choice of evening wear. Though she is a famous woman she manages to remain mysterious.

6) Nicole Kidman: Many women have trusted her fashion sense for so long that they find themselves asking themselves, “What would Nicole do?” Now that is trust. Kidman always looks poised. Now married to Keith Urban she looks happy and that is a great look for anyone.

7) Angelina Jolie: Has a simple fashion style and sticks to it.  She does simple, classic and modern. Manages to stand out from the crowd without wearing outrageous fashion choices.

8) Michelle Obama: The President’s wife radiates strength, intelligence and self-assurance.  She is the epitome of chic. Has become another trend-setting First Lady. Every woman wants her arms, sheaths, cardigans, and belts.  Her style is classic and unique.

9) Sandra Bullock: Is no slouch when it comes to looking great. Has a smile that never stops. Has made a career out of being Hollywood’s girl next door.

10) Kate Beckinsale: A no-brainer. Always looks great but never stoops to trashy. Can even make skintight latex look not trashy. Always looks classy. Many a woman should take a cue from her.

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