Workaholics: Season One

I never would have guessed that being a telemarketer could be so interesting and fun.  Who would have thunk it? Three friends just graduated from college now are being introduced to the real world of work and paying bills.  That, however, does not stop them from smoking, drinking and partying.  Some guys, no matter how old, never grow up.

Episode 1: Piss + Sh**: The guys have to figure out how to pass the drug test at work.

Episode 2: We Be Ballin’: After shooting their mouths off at a party to girls they went to high school with but who don’t remember them, the guys have to get tickets to a Clippers game.

Episode 3: Office Campout: The guys have a campout at work fueled by mushrooms and in their stupor believe thieves have broken in.

Episode 4: The Promotion: The guys get into a competition over the one promotion available at work.

Episode 5: Checkpoint Gnarly: Alice’s (played by Maribeth Monroe) brother Bradley spends time with the guys.

Episode 6: The Strike: After Alice doesn’t allow the guys anytime off for Half-Christmas, they decide to bring it to the office.

Episode 7: Straight up Juggahos: To keep her away from a mixer, the guys set up Jillian (played by Jillian Bell) on a blind date.

Episode 8: To Friend a Predator: Anders (played by Anders Holm) accidentally gets their drug dealer arrested so they’re left not high and really dry.

Episode 9: Muscle I’d Like to Flex: The guys are preparing to do a rap number in the Irwindale Renaissance Festival when Adam (played by Adam DeVine) gets a little distracted after meeting a woman.

Episode 10: In the Line of Getting Fired: On the way to work the guys hit a guy  with the Volvo and he turns out to be the CEO, Bruce Benson (played by Chris Parnell).

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Alternate Takes, Cast Interviews, Live at Bonnaroo, Extended Catherine Zeta-Jones Song, Extended Ders Rap, First Look Trailer, Digital Originals, Shart Stories

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