The Mentalist: The Complete Third Season

A crime drama needs a couple of things in order to be successful: fast-paced action, good writing and appealing leads.  The Mentalist has all that and a bag of chips.  Sexy and smart Simon Baker supplies the appealing and the writers hold up their end of the bargain.  It also has a kind of old fashion feel to it in that it is not all car chases and gun fights; Baker as Patrick Jane uses the old noodle to crack cases.

Episode 1: Red Sky at Night: Patrick takes a long hard think about his future with CBI after his latest run in with Red John.

Episode 2: Cackle-Bladder Blood: Patrick’s brother-in-law comes to town and gets himself mixed up in a murder investigation.

Episode 3: The Blood on His Hands: With the aim of mending some fences, cult leader Bert Stiles (played by Malcolm McDowell) gives Patrick information about Red John and the disappearance of Kristina.

Episode 4: The Red Carpet Treatment: Patrick and the team investigate the death of a former inmate released from prison based on DNA evidence.

Episode 5: The Red Ponies: A famous jockey is murdered and CBI is called in to conduct the investigation.

Episode 6: Pink Chanel Suit: The team is stumped when a disappearance and a murder happen on a well-guarded rich family’s compound.

Episode 7: Red Hot: Patrick and CBI are inside a building conducting an investigation when it explodes.

Episode 8: Ball of Fire: Patrick is kidnapped forcing the CBI team to go back and look over years of case files.

Episode 9: Red Moon: In the investigation of a triple homicide Patrick uses Ellis Mars’ (played by John Billingsley) expertise as an astrologer.

Episode 10: Jolly Red Elf: An independent investigator is called in to investigate the death of the suspected triple murderer (from last episode).

Episode 11: Bloodsport: The CBI works on a murder that occurred in the world of professional fighting.

Episode 12: Bloodhounds: Patrick and another profiler become competitive when they are assigned to work together on a case.

Episode 13: Red Alert: An armed man accused of murder holds the CBI team at gunpoint.

Episode 14: Blood for Blood: A witness in Grace Van Pelt’s (played by Amanda Righetti) custody ends up dead and she is investigated.

Episode 15: Red Gold: During an investigation involving a dead miner, Lisbon (played by Robin Tunney) is injured forcing Patrick and Agent Hightower (played by Aunjanue Ellis) to work together for the first time.

Episode 16: Red Queen: Evidence seems to point towards one of the CBI team being responsible for the murder of museum antiques dealer.

Episode 17: Bloodstream: A doctor is found murdered on the driving range of a golf course and an investigation is launched.

Episode 18: The Red Mile: A man who claims he was abducted by aliens is murdered and then his body is stolen from the coroner’s van.

Episode 19: Every Rose Has its Thorn: The body of the creator of an online matchmaking service is found floating in the area of a local marina and Patrick is convinced his wife is to blame.

Episode 20: Redacted: Two robberies occur and one might involve a man (played by David Warshofsky) who Patrick hired to get into LaRoche’s (played by Pruitt Taylor Vince) house.

Episode 21: Like a Redheaded Stepchild: A prison guard is stabbed to death outside a jewelry shop and Patrick believes an inmate is the killer.

Episode 22: Rhapsody in Red: Cho (played by Tim Kang) is having trouble with a young but very talented pickpocket.

Episode 23: Strawberries and Cream, Part 1: Red John’s CBI mole is revealed.

Episode 24: Strawberries and Cream, Part 2: Patrick comes up against Red John (played by Bradley Whitford) and things beyond his control happen.

Special Features: Deleted and Extended Scenes, The Mentalist: Portrait of a Serial Killer – Red John, “Red Moon” Directed by Simon Baker

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