The Sheepdogs – Five Easy Pieces EP

The Sheepdogs are a Canadian rock quartet.  More interesting than that last fact is the one that they were the first unsigned band to be on the cover of Rolling Stone (won a competition).  By the hairstyles and aviator glasses on the front of the album you could make an educated guess that they favour 70’s music.  If that was your guess then you would be right.  The Sheepdogs do 70’s Southern rock proud.  While listening to the five tracks you’ll easily be able to reference them to bands like The Allman Brothers and Lynryd Skynyrd.  The lead singer Ewan Currie has that kind of blue eyed soul voice and the music definitely can be slotted into the feel good/party category.  But I have to say that after giving the album a couple of run throughs I found myself wondering where the originality was?  There is nothing new or innovative about the band’s music.  I began to wonder why I would recommend that people buy the music when they already probably have in their mp3 libraries a bunch of similar (and sometimes better) sounding stuff.

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