Sons of Anarchy: Season 3 – Blu-ray Edition

The life of Jax (played by Charlie Hunnam) and the motorcycle club the Sons of Anarchy is in chaos and it all comes down to their association with the Irish.  Jax’s infant son Abel has been kidnapped and Gemma (played by Katy Sagal) has been framed for murder.  The club’s on shaky ground and a trail of clues leads SAMCRO to believing that Abel is in Belfast, so it’s off to Northern Ireland for the club.

Episode 1: So – Extended Episode: Jax is confused over his future with the club and Gemma is on the run from the authorities.

Episode 2: Oiled: The club makes a deal with a bounty hunter in order to obtain some information on where Abel is and Gemma is having trouble dealing with her father’s (played by Hal Holbrook) worsening dementia.

Episode 3: Caregiver: The club needs to get its hands on some dough and quick, so they use their porn connection to that end and Jax’s idea to look for Abel in Canada goes off the rails.

Episode 4: Home: Jimmy (played by Titus Welliver) purposely gives Jax some wrong intel on the whereabouts of Abel while the rest of the club is helping Happy (played by David Labrava) do a pharmaceutical favour.

Episode 5: Turning and Turning: In order to try and help his son and Gemma, Jax makes a deal with an unlikely source.

Episode 6: The Push: The club has to deal with the Mayans and a rat within their ranks in order to keep a hold on their territory.

Episode 7: Widening Gyre: The Grim Bastards put a monkey wrench into SAMCRO’s latest business arrangements.

Episode 8: Lochan Mor: SAMCRO heads to Belfast and not everyone is happy that they’re there.

Episode 9: Turas: In Belfast the club does a protection run of a large scale.

Episode 10: Firinne: SAMCRO decides to give the IRA the proof that one of their own is a turncoat.

Episode 11: Bainne: The club goes out looking for Jimmy O and Jax has a tough decision to make.

Episode 12: June Wedding: A member of SAMCRO is being held hostage forcing Jax to choose between the club and revenge.

Episode 13: NS: The club has both ATF and the Russians throwing up roadblocks to their healing process.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, The Futures Begins Now, Writer’s Roundtable, Bike Customizer, Directing the Finale with Kurt Sutter, “NS” Table Read with Cast, Gag Reel, Fox Movie Channel Presents World Premiere – Sons of Anarachy Season 3

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