On Strike for Christmas

Your typical holiday movie (television movie this time) in that it is as see-through as five year old underwear.  Everything happens as you would expect it to.

Joy Robertson (Daphne Zuniga – from television’s Melrose Place) is your typical supermom, who does everything from A to Z for her family with no acknowledgement or help from them.  Her husband Stephen (David Sutcliffe – Under the Tuscan Sun, Happy Endings) and their two sons, Jeremy (Victor Zinck Jr. – Wrong Turn 4) and Mark (Evan Williams – from television’s Degrassi: The Next Generation) take Joy for granted and do not show one sign of appreciating all the hard work she does.  This is doubly true when it comes to the Christmas season.

As the last Christmas before Mark and Jeremy head off to college approaches all the decorating, shopping, gift wrapping, planning, and baking is left up to Joy.  Plus two parties are heaped upon her already full load, including Stephen’s English department Christmas party.  The Robertson boys expect everything to be done without them so long as them lifting a finger.

Well, Joy has had enough and decides to go on strike for the holidays.  She refuses to do any preparation for Christmas including preparations for their holiday parties.  Leaving Stephen, Mark and Jeremy to do everything on their own.  On top of that, once the other women in town see what Joy has done they decide to also jump on board.  It becomes a town wide strike by all women.

This is nothing complex or deep.  A true family holiday film suitable for the entire family no matter what age.  The story will particularly appealing to all mothers out there who can relate to what Joy is going through and feeling on some level or another.

Special Features:
-Previews of The Shunning, Midnight in Paris, Zookeeper

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