Rich Aucoin – We’re All Dying to Live

Each album that is released requires a tremendous amount of work from the artist(s) and countless others behind the scenes. This is the norm.  With Rich Aucoin’s We’re All Dying to Live to say that this album took the effort of hundreds is in no way an exaggeration. If you don’t believe me take a look at the liner notes. The amount of names listed there is staggering. Five hundred to be exact and all that have contributed have a photo there. Joel Plaskett, Jenn Grant and Rebekah Higgs all have made some contribution to the album according to none other than Rich Aucoin himself. When you know that there are twenty-two tracks contained on the one disc then maybe it is more understandable that he needed a small village to create it.  Don’t be overwhelmed as some of the tracks are less than one minute long and many of them merge into the next.  As far as the music goes there is a little bit of everything from gloomy piano ballads, songs where the drums are in the forefront, a pseudo Daft Punk ditty, and some gospel. No boundaries here.  It is almost as if Aucoin is thumbing his nose at labels. I defy you to try and categorize this guy’s music. One trend on the album is that it is upbeat even when the music is not. No darkness just celebration going on.  My favourite tracks on the album are “Brian Wilson is A.L.I.V.E.” and “It”.

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