Top 10 Baby Names of This Past Year

baby namesWith each birth there is joy and anxiety.  Joy due to the fact that you and your partner have created a new life and anxiety because you are now responsible for everything to do with them.  Including what you and others will be calling them for the rest of their lives.  Naturally, most parents take the act of naming their baby very seriously.  Almost from the moment you find out you are pregnant you begin thinking about names and then negotiating with your partner. Names you love are vetoed by the other and vice versa. He proposes something and you shoot it down because it is the name of that girl you hated in high school. And on and on it goes. Books are read and websites are looked at.  You want something that fits the child and is unique, but not so weird that they will get beaten up in the schoolyard. For those of you who might be going through this right now or those who just like top 10 lists here is a list of the top baby names of both sexes in 2010:

Top 10 Boys Names:

10)  Liam – A shortening of the Irish name Uilliam (William).  Originating from the German name Willahem. It’s German meaning is will, desire and protector.  Its Hebrew meaning is my people. Its Irish meaning is determined protector.  Famous namesakes include:  actor Liam Neeson (Taken, Unknown), singer Liam Gallagher (Oasis) and politician Liam Cosgrave (former Prime Minister of Ireland).

9)  Lucas – Its origins are Gaelic and it means light. Famous namesakes include:  Lucas Glover (PGA golfer), Lucas Barrios (Soccer player at 2010 World Cup for Paraguay) and actor Lucas Black (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Jarhead).

8)  Caden – Its origins are Welsh and it means battle. The American meaning is little fighter. The English meaning is pure. It is one of the more popular names in which very little is known about it. Was a popular surname in Ireland.  Famous namesakes include: actor Caden Waidyatilleka (TV’s Lost) and singer Caden Edwards.

7)  Logan – Its Scottish meaning is little hollow. Originated as a surname. In Scotland there were two main Logan clans. Famous namesakes include: actor Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, The Number 23) and actor Logan Ramsey (Scrooged).

6)  Noah – From the biblical character and its Hebrew meaning is rest. Famous namesakes include: actor Noah Wyle (TV’s ER), actor Noah Ringer (The Last Airbender, Cowboys & Aliens) and director Noah Baumbach (Margot at the Wedding, The Squid and the Whale).

5)  Jayden – Its meaning is Hebrew for thankful. Famous namesakes include: actor Jayden Smith (The Pursuit of Happyness, The Karate Kid) and porn star Jayden James.

4)  Ethan – The Hebrew meaning is strong or firm.  Famous namesakes include: Ethan Hawke (Before Sunrise, Training Days), director Ethan Coen (Burn After Reading, No Country for Ald Men) and writer Ethan Frome.

3)  Jackson – Old English meaning the son of Jack. Famous namesakes include singer Jackson Browne, actor Jackson Rathbone (Twilight series) and painter Jackson Pollarck.

2)  Jacob – Hebrew meaning is he who supplants.  The name has gone through many versions through the ages. Famous namesakes include: singer Jacob Hoggard (Hedley), actor Jake Gyllenhaal (Brokeback Mountain, Zodiac) and writer Jacob Grimm (Grimm’s fairy tales).

1)Aiden – Originated from the Irish name Aodhan which meant the fiery one. Sixth year in a row it has topped the list.  Probably due to the influence of the character on Sex and the City. Famous namesakes include: actor Aiden Turner (TV’s Dancing With the Stars) and actor Aidan Quinn (Legends of the Fall, Unknown).

Top 10 Girls Names:

10)  Abigail – A Hebrew name meaning father in rejoicing. She was a woman in the Old Testament who saved her negligent husband from the wrath of King David. Famous namesakes include: Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine, Zombieland), Abigail Hoffman (Canadian athlete) and U.S. First Lady Abigail Adams.

9)  Addison – Old English name meaning the son of Adam. Used initially primarily as a surname and in the effort recently to have original female names. Popularity might be due somewhat to the female doctor on Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice. Famous namesakes include: botanist Addison Brown (one of the founders of the New York Botanical Gardens), architect Addison Cairns Mizner (man behind the development of Boca Raton, Florida) and actor Addison Randall (Where the West Begins).

8)  Madison – Its English meaning is the son of Maud. Famous namesakes include: football player Madison Hedgecock, actress Madison Pettis (Seven Pounds, The Game Plan) and actress Madison Riley (Grown Ups, Fired Up!).

7)  Lily – Its origins are Greek and it is derived from the flower. Famous namesakes include:  singer Lily Allen, model Lily Aldridge (Victoria’s Secret) and actress Lily Tomlin (9 to 5, I Heart Hukabees).

6)  Ava – A derivative of the name Eve. Its German meaning is desired. Famous namesakes include: actress Ava Gardner (The Sun Also Rises, The Barefoot Contessa) and Ava Lazar (Scarface).

5)  Chloe – Its Greek meaning is blooming. The Greek Goddess Demeter was also called Chloe. Famous namesakes include: actress Chloe Moretz (500 Days of Summer, Kick-Ass), actress Chloe Sevigny (TV’s Big Love) and singer Chloe Rose (daughter of Olivia Newton-John)

4)  Emma – It’s a German name meaning whole or universal. Famous namesakes include: actress Emma Stone (The Help, Zombieland), actress Emma Watson (Harry Potter film series) and actress Emma Roberts (The Art of Getting By, Aquamarine).

3)  Olivia – From Greek meaning olive tree. Famous namesakes include: Olivia Wilde (TV’s House), singer Olivia Newton-John and actress Olivia de Havilland (Gone With the Wind, The Adventures of Robin Hood).

2)Isabella – From Greek meaning God’s vow or God’s promise. Italian version of the Latin name Elisheva. Famous namesakes include: actress/model Isabella Rossellini (Blue Velvet, Death Becomes Her), Queen Isabella II of Spain and Queen Isabella of France (married to King Edward II and sent Christopher Columbus off to North America).

1)Sophia – The Greek meaning is wisdom. It knocked Isabella from first place this year. Famous namesakes include: actress Sophia Vergara (TV’s Modern Family), actress Sophia Loren (Nine, El Cid) and director/actress Sophia Coppolla (Lost in Translation, The Virgin Suicides).

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