Victorious: Season One – Volume Two

There doesn’t seem to be many dull moments at Hollywood Arts High School.  But I guess that makes sense when you have a school full of artistically talented students.  It is hijinx after hijinx.  These are the last nine episodes of the debut season.

Episode 1: The Diddly-Bops: Sikowitz (played by Eric Lange) gets Tori (played by Victoria Justice) and her friends to be a band for a friend’s party and after the video of them dressed up as food while singing and dancing Andre (played by Leon Thomas III) worries about being taken seriously as a musician.

Episode 2: Cat’s New Boyfriend: Tori finds out that Cat (played by Ariana Grande) is dating her ex-boyfriend and surprisingly she is jealous.

Episode 3: Sleepover at Sikowitz’s: Sikowitz challenges the entire gang to sleepover at his house in an effort to teach them about method acting.

Episode 4: The Wood: At first the gang is excited when they find out they will be the stars of a reality show being filmed at Hollywood Arts.

Episode 5: The Great Ping Pong Scam: Tori discovers that the gang has been going to a fancy restaurant instead of participating in the annual ping pong tournament.

Episode 6: Wok Star: Tori promises Jade (played by Elizabeth Gillies) that she will help her find a theatre to perform a play that Jade wrote.

Episode 7: Survival of the Hottest: Los Angeles is in the middle of a heat wave and the gang decides to go to the beach in Beck’s (played by Avia Jogia) RV.  Once they get to the beach they cannot get out as they are trapped inside the RV with it getting hotter by the moment.

Episode 8: Wi-Fi in the Sky: Tori’s flight is delayed and she cannot finish the group project with the gang so she tries to get it done with them over video chat.

Episode 9: Freak the Freak Out: Tori and the gang are looking forward to go to Karaokie Dokie, a new karaoke club that has weekly singing competitions.

Special Features: iCarly Crossover Special: iParty With Victorious, Behind the Scenes: iParty With Victorious Mash-Up Performance, Music Video: “Best Friend’s Brother”

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