Charlotte Gainsbourg – Stage Whispers

This native of France really knows how to multi-task.  You can go to the movie theatre and see Ms. Gainsbourg starring Lar Von Trier’s Melancholia and then head over to HMV as of December 13 to pick up her latest CD.  The studio tracks are mostly leftovers from her last release she did in 2010 entitled IRM.  A couple of the songs were written by Beck while another features a lovely duet with Charlie Fink of Noah & the Whale.   While they are all good songs you could see how she and her producer Beck felt like they did not fit in with the rest of IRM.   The eleven live tracks were recorded during the 2010 European tour in support of IRM.  It is a great opportunity for those who have heard Charlotte Gainsbourg live to hear this recording as you get to see that her voice can be, given the proper environment, quite strong.

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