Top 10 Stylish Female Celebrities of 2011

Female celebrities who are stylish always find themselves in newspapers and magazines.  As a society, we are obsessed with them.  If they make the right style choices we celebrate them if they don’t we are incredibly cruel in our ridicule.  Male celebrities are not put under that same microscope.  Just because you are a great actress or rock star doesn’t necessarily mean you know what style is.  These ten ladies do and have made very few missteps, if any, in 2011.

Here is my list of the top 10 most stylish female celebrities of 2011 in no particular order:

jennifer aniston 1) Jennifer Aniston: 2011 saw Jennifer Aniston venture out of her comfort zone (made more bold style choices than the little black dress) and experimented with colour, print and even cut her signature hair. The result was a new and improved Jennifer. With a twist on her classic look she has become more stylish than ever. All this plus she is known for her wearing of fabulous shoes.

2) Emma Watson: Recently from the final Harry Potter film premiere to more recent appearances on the red carpet like the My Week with Marilyn premiere they young lady, 21-years-old, has shown us how even at a young age you can be chic, tasteful and basically fabulous.  Emma Watson is demonstrating that it is possible to grow up gracefully underneath the microscope that is Hollywood.

3) Mila Kunis: On the surface she seems laid back and accessible.  The kind of girl you can picture yourself hanging out with. Cool. But Mila has another side to her. That Mila dresses up to the nines for red carpets and without fail she knocks it out of the park fashionwise.  She can be edgy, girlie, but always fabulous.

4) Zoe Saldana: On the movie screen she has been a tough, ass kicking girl in films like Colombiana.  On the red carpet her fashion choices are right on the money. While she has been less risky with her choices in 2011 she still manages to dazzle us. Her glamourous style seems effortless. Zoe always looks pulled together and pretty.

5) Jennifer Lopez: Though she has gone through ups and downs personally this year, Jennifer Lopez has never looked better. When this lady gets it right, she gets it really right. Fierce, glamourous, sexy are words that can be used to describe her fashion choices this year. Some of her looks this year have made you stand there with your mouth open.

6) Blake Lively: This star of television’s Gossip Girl is not afraid to take risks or to have fun with her fashion choices. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but more often than not she is bang on. Most amazingly this beauty does it all without the help of a stylist, which is unheard of in Hollywood.

7) Selena Gomez: Of all the young stars around Miss Gomez’s age like Miley, Taylor or Demi she is hands-down the best dressed of the bunch. At a mere 19-years-old she has impeccable taste in shoes. Her clothes are always age appropriate, fun and event appropriate. A young lady who is poised on the red carpet.

8) Diane Kruger: Lately she has not been on the red carpet, but earlier in the year she dominated. I would slot her into the fashion badass category who walks down every red carpet with plenty of attitude, confidence and beauty. A deadly combination. She has everything she needs to pull it off.  Her couture choices are all perfection.

9) Emma Stone: Without a doubt she is the breakout fashionista of 2011. Almost all females have a girl crush on Emma Stone. It is obvious that she needs very little help when it comes to making her fashion choices.  Her wardrobe is often bold and fashion-forward. All her outfits have at least one interesting thing about them. Designers like Lanvin, Preen and Tom Ford have started to come forward to her. Most importantly she is never predictable or boring when on the red carpet. Never goes the safe route. Each look is different and exciting.

10)  Kate Middleton: She married Prince William in a fairy tale wedding and this commoner became a duchess. Now she is most watched and imitated fashionista in the world. The 29-year-old has shouldered the pressure well, handling it like a pro. Always impeccably dressed in classic and tailored suits that show off her slim figure.

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