Gym Class Heroes – The Papercut Chronicles II

Some bands find a winning sound formula, one they are comfortable with and stick with it. Such is not the case with Gym Class Heroes. They are a band that is all over the place. This is doubly so on their album, The Papercut Chronicles II, which is a hybrid of rap, rock, alternative and pop music. Produced by a number of producers, the album is a little all over the place.  There are some insightful lyrics, plenty of different instruments and phat studio created beats. Some of the lighter tracks are good but I wasn’t left with a happy all over feeling. Not able to put my finger on anything concrete I kept looking and listening. It seems like an attempt by the New York band to go back to their roots…but they don’t quite make it. It just becomes a little bit too much like naval gazing like me.  Forced, in other words. They seem to be trying to tell people that they are really the band that did the Vans Warped tour some years back and yet the first single off the album couldn’t be more poppy with a guest appearance by the nasally Adam Levine of Maroon 5. I think that instead of trying to deny it that the band should just be comfortable with the fact that they are their best when making Top 40 music. It is not all that bad.

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