Carlos Mencia: New Territory

This is my second time watching a Carlos Mencia stand-up video and I noticed a big difference from the first one, which is not surprising as the show was entitled New Territory.  From first glance what struck me was how much weight this comedian has lost.  He looks like an entirely different man.  This weight loss allows him to be a lot more physical and active on stage.  Being able to be physical adds to the effectiveness of the jokes, in my opinion.  Adds another dimension.

What hasn’t changed is that Mencia is not a comedian for those easily offended. He is a man with plenty of opinions and many of them are bold, to say the least. While talking about a variety of subjects like patriotism, hypocrisy or political correctness he never holds back. What makes him funny rather than offensive is the intelligence behind all his humour. You can tell a lot of thought goes into his routine. He does make fun of almost every race, religion and creed throughout the 80 minutes of his set.

Special Features: Carlos Mencia’s: Guide to Getting Fit

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