Florence + the Machine – Ceremonials

A few years ago Florence + the Machine’s debut album was a revelation selling over 3 million copies. Now she is back with a sophomore album that is no less amazing. Brit Florence is an artist at the top of her game. The girl can do no wrong. Musically, that is. The twelve tracks on the album all form a cohesive theme. The songs are anthemic and once again feature Florence’s powerful vocals.  Squeezing all the emotion she can into her songs without making it too much, you cannot listen to this album without being affected by it and the story she is telling. Marching to the beat of her (much bigger on this album) own drums, Florence has made an album filled with dramatic and aggressive music that is unlike anything else being made today. On each subsequent listen you will discover something else new in the songs. It is music that you can get excited about. She has managed to live up the high expectations set by the brilliance of her debut album. A rare bird this Florence.

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