A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

This was my first Harold & Kumar experience and I have to say I don’t feel like I was missing anything.  A good thing is that you don’t need to have seen the first two films to understand this one.  I don’t know if understanding or any sort of intelligence is actually required to watch it.  Filled with crude, crass and immature humour, despite the fact that Harold (John Cho – American Beauty, Star Trek) and Kumar (Kal Penn – Epic Movie, Superman Returns) are supposed to be six years older.  It is no matter on the intelligence level, though, if you enjoyed the first to then you will like this one as well as it is more of the same.

Six years have passed since Guantanamo Bay and it’s Christmas time in New York City.  Kumar goes to Todd’s Toys to see Santa.  Santa happens to be his drug dealer.  Kumar is upset because Harold got married and he doesn’t see him anymore.  Not as successful in life or love, Kumar has recently broken up with is girlfriend, Vanessa (Danneel Ackles – The Roommate, The Back-Up Plan).  She comes back and tells him she is pregnant.  As he is stoned at the time, Kumar does not react appropriately.  As far as his career, Kumar got kicked out of medical school because he failed a drug test.

Harold is working on Wall Street.  People are protesting outside his building. He is married to Maria (Paula Garces – The Station Agent, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle), a Latina.  Her father (Danny Trejo – Machete, From Dusk to Dawn) hasn’t exactly accepted him.  Harold is stressed because Maria’s family is coming to stay with them and Christmas is huge for her father.

Kumar gets a package for Harold at the apartment.  He brings it to him even though they haven’t lived together in two years.  The package contains a huge joint.  Harold doesn’t smoke anymore and so throws it away.  Accidentally Maria’s father’s Christmas tree that took him seven years to grow burns down.  Kumar, feeling guilty, offers to help him find a replacement.  Harold refuses.

Harold must get the tree before Maria’s family gets back from midnight mass.  It is Christmas Eve and that won’t be easy.  Especially with Kumar and his friend Adrian (Amir Blumenfeld – from television’s Pranked) “helping” him.  Beer pong, stoned babies, Russian mobsters, virgins, spiked egg nog, a giant claymation killer snowman, Christmas concerts, Neil Patrick Harris, Wafflebots, and other close calls ensue.

This film was presented in the theatre in 3D and you can see that they really focused on having a lot of things fly right into the camera. I guess that added some entertainment value.

The highlight of the film for me was Neil Patrick Harris.  Loved how he poked fun at himself and his own celebrity.  This guy can do no wrong and is always a fun watch no matter what he is doing.

Admittedly some of the parts are so crazy and over the top that you have to laugh.  So crazy that you will find yourself laughing at a stoned baby and NPH nearly sexually assaulting a woman.  No boundaries and nothing they won’t use for a laugh.  The story is totally unrealistic and ridiculous, but for fans that won’t matter one iota.

Special Features:

-Ultraviolet Digital Copy

-Through the Haze with Tom Lennon

-Bringing Harold and Kumar Claymation to Life

-Deleted Scenes

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