Family Guy: Volume Nine – Uncensored

Season nine saw a milestone for Family Guy as they reached their 150th episode. Of course, they celebrated it as only they could by making it a controversial one. Surprise, surprise. If you have watched this show even once you would know that Seth MacFarlane (creator) et al. do not shy away from any subject or impose any boundaries on themselves. They go for it full tilt at all times. And we the television viewing public are all the better for it.

Episode 1: Business Guy: Peter (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) find out his father-in-law never had a bachelor party so he brings him to the Fuzzy Clam where Mr. Pewterschmidt (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) has a heart attack while receiving a lap dance.

Episode 2: Big Man on Hippocampus: The Griffins try out for the Family Feud when it comes to Quahog.

Episode 3: Dial Meg for Murder: When the rodeo comes to Quahog, Peter is determined to take part despite Lois’s (voiced by Alex Borstein) lack of confidence in him.

Episode 4: Extra Large Medium: While the entire family is out on a hike, Chris (voiced by Seth Green) gets distracted by a butterfly and he and Stewie (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) end up lost.

Episode 5: Go, Stewie, Go: Stewie goes out for the auditions for the American version of Jolly Farm. As they only need young girls he dresses as a girl.

Episode 6: Peter-Assessment: After his amateur video of Richard Dreyfuss coming out of a bathroom is shown on TMZ Peter begins to believe he is a paparazzi.

Episode 7: Brian Griffins House of Payne: Lois finally reads an old television script Brian (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) wrote and loves it. CBS loves it too and are going to green-light it.

Episode 8: April in Quahog: Peter is thrilled when he is selected for jury duty until he finds out it is not “special”.

Episode 9: Brian and Stewie – 150th Episode: Brian and Stewie are locked overnight in the bank’s safety deposit room and some unspeakable things occur.

Episode 10: Quagmire’s Dad: Brian’s off for a weekend seminar and Quagmire’s (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) father comes to town to get a sex change.

Episode 11: The Splendid Source: Peter, Joe (voiced by Patrick Warburton) and Quagmire go on a quest to find the source of dirty jokes.

Episode 12: And Then There Were Fewer: The entire town of Quahog is invited to a dinner at a remote mansion.

Episode 13: Excellence in Broadcasting: Brian’s opinion of Rush Limbaugh changes after he reads his book.

Episode 14: Welcome Back Carter: Peter catches Lois’ father having an affair and forces him to become his slave.

Special Features: The Comical Adventures of Family Guy – Brian and Stewie: The Lost Phone Call, Side by Side Animatic – Brian Griffin’s House of Payne, Side by Side Animatic – Brian and Stewie, Side by Side Animatic – Quagmire’s Dad, Deleted Scenes, Who Done It? The Making of “And Then There Were Fewer”, The History of the World – According to Family Guy, Family Guy at Comic-Con 2010

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