Fan Favorites: The Best of The Odd Couple

Photographer Felix Unger (played by Tony Curtis) and sports journalist Oscar Madison (played by Jack Klugman) are the last two people you would expect to be roommates. Circumstances (i.e. divorce) lead to the two living together in an apartment in New York City. This is bad news for their nerves but good news for viewers. Their fights (and there are plenty) equals laughs for us.

Episode 1: The Blackout: It is poker night at Oscar and Felix’s place but it is complicated by a blackout in which $50 is stolen and everyone suspects Oscar.

Episode 2: Security Arms: Felix and Oscar are robbed so they move into a maximum security building that ends up being more like a prison than a home.

Episode 3: I Dying of Unger: Felix suggests than Oscar and he go to a secluded cabin deep in the woods so that Oscar can finish the novel he is having trouble writing without distractions.

Episode 4: Password: Oscar is asked to be a celebrity player on Password and Felix will do anything to be his partner.

Episode 5: Take My Furniture, Please: Felix repaints the apartment and Oscar doesn’t even notice, so he decides to redecorate as well.

Episode 6: The Murray Who Came to Dinner: After his wife kicks him out, Murray (played by Al Molinaro) comes to live with Oscar and Felix and drives them crazy.

Episode 7: Cleanliness is Next to Impossible: After his new girlfriend calls him a slob Oscar will do anything to become a neat freak like Felix.

Episode 8: The Insomniacs: Felix is suffering from insomnia and he is driving Oscar nuts.

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